Result and latest updates from the opening game

Result and latest updates from the opening game

Southern Brave vs. Welsh Fire, the Hundred 2022 live: Result and latest updates from the opening game - Christopher Lee/ECB via Getty Images

Southern Brave vs. Welsh Fire, the Hundred 2022 live: Result and latest updates from the opening game – Christopher Lee/ECB via Getty Images

7:44 p.m

Balls 41-45: WF 44/4 (Duckett 16 Cobb 2)

Lintott starts with one that paints the tramlines outside of Hain’s stump from over the wicket. Looks like he thought it was called wide, but it was just legitimate and Lintott follows suit, deflecting him on the next ball .

Cobb hits a low full toss to the floor for a single, Duckett cuts for a single, and Cobb hits another mid-off.

7:40 p.m


Hain c Davies b Lintott 9 Gloved it while attempting to backwards sweep the wrist spinner on its left arm. FOW 41/4

7:39 p.m

Balls 36-40: WF 41/3 (Duckett 15 Grove 9)

Marcus Stoinis, ‘the Hulk’, comes bowling and keeps ’em quiet with his first four singles-only deliveries. The left-handed duckett ends the over by going offside and scooping backwards for four like flipping a pancake.

7:36 p.m

Balls 31-35 WF 33/3 (Duckett 9 Hain 7)

Chris Jordan takes the ball and serves wide. Duckett tries to cut with the broomstick but even he can’t reach it. That aberration aside, Jordan is as stingy as ever, conceding just two hits on a square leg whip and one on a daft run, while Duckett took Vince’s throw from the point. Hain, finally back on strike, pushes through the last mid-on for one.

Welsh Fire's Ollie Pope is bowled by Southern Braved's Craig Overton during The Hundred match between Southern Brave Men and Welsh Fire Men.  —Dan Mullan/Getty Images

Welsh Fire’s Ollie Pope is bowled by Southern Braved’s Craig Overton during The Hundred game between Southern Brave Men and Welsh Fire Men – Dan Mullan/Getty Images

7:32 p.m

Balls 26-30 WF 28/3 (Duckett 6 Hain 6)

Duckett finds a random four when a flick meant for midwicket instead takes the leading edge and flies through the point for four. Fuller puts his hands on his hips. Duckett and Hain trade singles behind the legside square and Duckett grabs another with a cleaner strike-through point.

7:28 p.m

Balls 21-25 WF 21/3 (Duckett 0 Hain 5)

Welsh Fire struggled with their timing all night, but Sam Hain finds center immediately with a nice leg look for a four. Don’t think Pope touched the Yorker, he just missed and he knocked back the stump. Hain takes on the lightning-fast Chris Jordan in the middle, but locks in front of Jordan’s jump shot.

This is the end of the power play.

7:25 p.m


Pope b overtone 10 Attempts a root reverse ramp/sweep and plays the Yorker to his stumps. FOW 16/3

7:24 p.m

Balls 16-20 WF 16/2 (Pope 10 Duckett 0)

Banton rushes down and plays an exquisite on-drive for a four, but is out the next ball when Hogan returns a length behind and he pots off a top edge.

7:22 p.m


Banton c. Whiteley b. hogan 6 Top-edged pull and Whitely went 25 yards to come in from a deep back square for a good catch. FOW 16/2

7:20 p.m

Balls 11-15 WF 11/1 (Pope 9 Banton 2)

Banton comes down the field to Overton and taps through the middle for a single. Pope gives his drive everything but the kitchen sink, but connects to clean air in the wooliest swaths and comes away with a sparkling drive through point for two, followed by a drive on the walk for two. They can’t penetrate the infield often, and when they do, they always find the only two men outside.

Overton is up to 88mph.

7:15 p.m

Balls 6-10: WF 6/1 (Pope 5 Banton 1)

Michael Hogan, the 41-year-old Glamorgan wildcard, takes the second set of five. Pope plays tip and pass point. Banton defends a pair, then plays and misses. Good heavy length and tight line. It barely breaks 80mph but is naggingly accurate. The last ball strays too short and Banton only pulls it for one.

You are now switching ends for the first time.

7:12 p.m

Balls 1-5: WF 4/1 (Pope 4 Banton 0)

Overton starts a length back, some nip-back and keeps Clarke scoreless for the first three deliveries, penetrating his pads with inside edges, carrying the next one on the thigh pad and defending the third. Overton serves an outswinger for the fourth and Clarke goes over and tamely chips him to cover. Pope comes in and creams the last ball of the five through cover for four.

7:10 p.m


Clarke c Stoinis b overtone 0 Spoons a catch for brief extra cover. FOW 0/1

7:07 p.m

Craig Overton has the ball

Southern Brave won all four home games last year in fastest place in the competition.

7:06 p.m

After a short delay to allow the smoke to clear

The players enter the field. It’s 22 degrees and muggy in Southampton tonight.

7:02 p.m

The BBC has avoided any accumulation

And goes straight to the middle, with openers about to step to the crease. Isa Guha presents the flamethrowers erupting alongside Moeen Ali and Jimmy Anderson.

Fireworks - Sky Sports

Fireworks – Sky Sports

6:52 p.m

your teams

Southern Brave James Vince (Capt), Alex Davies (wk), Marcus Stoinis, Tim David, Ross Whiteley, James Fuller, Chris Jordan, Craig Overton, Jake Lintott, Rehan Ahmed, Michael Hogan.

Welsh fire Joe Clarke, Tom Banton (wk), Ben Duckett, Sam Hain, Ollie Pope, Josh Cobb (Captain), Ryan Higgins, Adam Zampa, Jake Ball, David Payne, Noor Ahmed.

6:44 p.m

Rehan Ahmed

The 17-year-old Leicestershire leg spinner will make his hundred debut for Southern Brave, as will slightly more experienced Marcus Stoinis.

6:41 p.m

Southern Brave won the toss

And brought Welsh Fire into play. Chasing was the route to victory in last year’s competition and Brave is holding on to precedent.

6:34 p.m

Sky starts reporting

Featuring host Kass Naidoo and her “Dream Team” consisting of Ebony Rainford-Brent, Nasser Hussain, Ravi Shastri who did some Stranger Things 4 stuff with a case clock and its pendulum, Stuart Broad and Kevin Pietersen.

5:43 p.m

Michael Vaughan on his love for The Hundred

The second season of The Hundred starts tonight and it’s going to be big for the likes of Jason Roy. This is an opportunity for him to show everyone how good he is. He’s had a couple of poor performances for England but he’s an outstanding player and I’d be amazed if he doesn’t get on form. Likewise, Liam Livingstone didn’t really shoot and Jos Buttler needs a point or two.

Anyone with a good hundred could be selected for the seven-game T20 tour of Pakistan and then possibly the T20 World Cup in October and November. Certainly when Phil Salt starts hitting it all and gets a few hundreds I think England would consider changing their white ball team.

I believe that most of the hundred games are sold out. They’re hoping for good weather, drama and a few finals to garner some social media exposure. However, it’s going to take a beating to keep up with all the close games and wins from losing positions during this year’s T20 Blast. Personally, I’m looking forward to the competition. It always sparks debate. People don’t seem to accept that the format has arrived and will be here for a long, long time.

Just enjoy it: It’s bat and ball over 22 yards.

5:27 p.m

Good evening

And welcome to coverage of the opening match of season two of The Hundred, a men’s match between last year’s opening champion Southern Brave of the Ageas Bowl and Cardiff’s Tan Cymreig/Welsh Fire. With all the tickets sold in 2021, the vibrancy of the play and the coverage, the road to the Lord’s finale was not the road to Damascus for its numerous critics. Virtually none of the animosity the Hundred aroused among those who themselves carried the Traditions flag when the England and Wales Cricket Board’s first foray into franchise competition was announced was distilled in its first season, but some opinions have changed . This author started out as a skeptic, went to three games on his own and took family members who had never been to a game before and came away impressed with the opportunity, if not a zealot for the format.

Southern Brave - Action pics via Reuters/John Sibley

Southern Brave – Action pics via Reuters/John Sibley

But then it’s not the format that matters most to me, it’s the competitiveness of the game, the excellence of the game and the desire for cricket to bring an audience who have been denied free-to-air TV access to the game for 17 short-sighted years to bring his charms. We must find a way to address cricket’s absence from the common, national experience and the desert that state school sport has become for the game, and in that quest, as Sir Arnold Bax has recommended, I value each experience to try once. except incest and folk dancing.

Having just said format doesn’t count, it’s unusual enough, at least on the surface, that I should run through the basics:

  • Each side must face and deliver 100 balls, with each inning lasting no more than 65 minutes.

  • Ten balls are thrown from each end, and the umpire signals after the first set of five to allow the captain to decide whether the bowler should hang on and bowl a full 10 or switch to another bowler. Each bowler is allowed a maximum of 20 deliveries in the game.

  • If a batsman is caught, the new batsman faces the next ball, regardless of whether his predecessor crossed with the non-batter.

  • The power play lasts 25 balls and during that time only two fielders are allowed outside the 30-yard circle and each bowling team has a 90-second time-out during which the coach is allowed on the field to discuss tactics their players.

  • Contrary to rumors before the tournament, lbw has not been abolished nor are wides penalized with free hits.

  • If a team is unable to pitch their last five balls of the innings within 65 minutes, one less fielder will be allowed outside the fielding restrictions area.

  • Drinking breaks are not permitted.

  • Each team is allowed a maximum of one unsuccessful DRS check per innings

On the two teams for the opening game, keep an eye out for last year’s Champion Braves big hitters James Vince, Quinton de Kock and Alex Davies, as well as their standout bowling cast, including Jake Lintott’s Henne’s Tees English Left-Arm Wrist – Spin and steadfast George Garton and Chris Jordan.

Welsh Fire finally don’t have their captain Jonny Bairstow available as he retired this summer after 12 international white ball games and four Tests to take a breather, but they have their best batsman of the last year, Ben Duckett , who was second only to the phenomenal Liam Livingstone in runway looting and big-hitters Tom Banton, Joe Clarke and David Miller. Australia’s leggy Adam Zampa will go up against his pal Marcus Stoinis and Naseem Shah, who has bowling action as close to Dennis Lillee’s as anyone I’ve seen in 40 years to compete for the pace like (Welsh) to provide fire.

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