Result and latest game updates from the Citi Open

Result and latest game updates from the Citi Open

emma raducanu vs liudmila samsonova live score updates citi open - WILL OLIVER/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock

Emma Raducanu vs Liudmila Samsonova live score updates Citi Open – WILL OLIVER/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock

1:34 am

Evans leads in the second set

Jamie Johnson Reports: Dan Evans looks to make amends, leading 4-1 in set number two after breaking Nishioka twice.

The Brit is on serve and the crowd fills up for what is likely to be a deciding set.

1:10 a.m

Stay awake for the headliner

While Dan Evans is probably furiously chewing on a piece of banana, reminds us that after this match, tonight’s headliner is Emma Raducanu and the Blisters. Which I call 100 percent a band name. This is mine, you can’t have it. It’s also a small tribute to the legendary DC punk scene, since we’re in Washington right now. Hopefully Raducanu’s opponent Liudmila Samsonova has bad brains and poses little threat to the US Open champion.

1:03 a.m

Evans has to do it the hard way

Jamie Johnson Reports: Nishioka takes the tiebreak 7-5 and lets out a mighty roar. The Brit shakes his head in frustration, knowing he should have done the job much sooner.

12:52 a.m

Evans in the tie break of the first set

Jamie Johnson Reports: Evans went 40-15 in the first game after the restart but was brought back to debut after finding the net at the end of a 20-plus shot rally.

He capitalized on the play, but not when Nishioka whipped a backhand across the court and out of reach.

With two fast aces, Nishioka won the game and there was now a tiebreak in the first set. 6-6

12:39 a.m

Dan Evans back on the pitch

Jamie Johnson Reports: Dan Evans is back on the court with a crucial game against Yoshihito Nishioka – who’s serving – ahead.

The temperature has dropped, but it’s still 23C in Washington and fans are flocking in for a long evening session.

12:32 a.m

Ponchos were free in my day

DC organizers rush to offer help to wet guests — including charging $5 for a poncho. Which seems a bit cheeky.

12:28 am

Play to continue

Good news and bad news. The good news is that play will resume shortly, which means Emma Raducanu could be back on the pitch anytime soon.

The bad news is that the deluge washed away Rob Bagchi and instead left you to me, Josh White, to handle the live blog duties tonight, which is sort of a muddy, soggy residue after the rain.

Officials are checking the pitches and we’re only minutes away from the game resuming.

Daria Saville and Rebecca Marino are on the pitch in the main stadium. Australia’s Saville leads 6-1, 3-0.

Dan Evans, meanwhile, is waiting to return to John A Harris Stadium, where he leads 6-5 in the first game against Yoshihito Nishioka. At the end of this game it is Emma Raducanu against Ludmila Samsonova.

11:44 p.m

The Lord gives

11:32 p.m

better news

Jamie Johnson Reports:

A note from the organizers: Courts will be dried. Games will resume shortly.

Dan Evans continues in the first set 6-5 against Yoshihito Nishioka in their three-set quarterfinals. Emma Raducanu vs. Liudmila Samsonova will follow after the completion of this game. Josh White will be here to lead our coverage whenever this game begins.

11:19 p.m

The journey of a long day into the night ahead

Jamie Johnson Reports from Washington DC

In Washington, where it is still 23 degrees, the rain is letting up. The staff is busy with rollers on the squares and mopping up the surface water.

There is still plenty of tennis ahead tonight with Dan Evans, Emma Raducanu and Nick Kyrgios all expected on the court if the weather holds.

The organizers are ready to push as late as possible tonight to get the games over.

11:14 p.m

Good news – the storm is over

10:51 p.m

Another update from the organizers

It’s still raining and no game is possible before 11.30pm UK time. But if she progresses tonight, we’ll report on it. It may not be me… but global Team Telegraph will be blogging about the game from across the pond.

10:19 p.m

But fear not – the Telegraph has a reporter on site

Jamie Johnson Reports from Washington DC

More bad news from Washington DC where play will not resume until 6pm local time. That’s 11pm in the UK. The National Weather Service has issued a flash flood warning in the region.

The players’ lounge is opposite the media center, so I’m happy to report that after taking pictures of the flash, Raducanu retreated inside for a hot drink.

10:19 p.m

Another announcement

No game before 11pm BST. Difficult to see what the conditions are like because that’s what happens when it rains at Amazon who don’t have reporters and a normal studio/host setup just have the games as it shuts down the live feed and treats us to that :

Amazon Prime - Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime – Amazon Prime

10:03 p.m

It’s still raining

The earliest play time at the William HG FitzGerald Tennis Center is 10:30pm BST. With Nick Evans’ game yet to be completed before Raducanu can start against Samsonova, we could be in for a long evening.

Jamie Johnson Reports from Washington DC:

Word has just come in from the tournament organizers that there will be no game before 5:30pm local time (10:30pm UK).

Raducanu has taken off her shoes, put her feet up and is on Facetime. she says The Telegraph She hopes to appear in court tonight.

9:43 p.m

There could be quite a delay

Jamie Johnson Reports from Washington

Dan Evans won the first set of his Citi Open quarterfinals against Yoshihito Nishioka 6-5… and then the storm came.

Dan Evans of Great Britain in action during his men's singles match against Yoshihito Nishioka - WILL OLIVER/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock

Dan Evans of Great Britain in action during his men’s singles match against Yoshihito Nishioka – WILL OLIVER/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock

In Washington DC, where it’s still 32 degrees but dark clouds overhead, gaming has now been suspended.

Emma Raducanu is in the players’ lounge chatting with members of her team, but it doesn’t look like she’ll be on the pitch anytime soon. Heaven has just opened.

8:45 p.m

Good evening

After take 18 of Helter Skelter, Ringo Starr let out his famous yell, “I’ve got blisters on my fingers.” It’s not recorded how the Beatle overcame this affliction that plagued all manual workers – surgical spirit? monk balm? Elastoplast? A potion of calamine lotion? meth? There are myriad “cures” for the ailment that could come in handy for Emma Raducanu, who last night came through her second round match against Camila Osorio hard, taking 165 minutes to go 7-6, 7-6 with a straight palms to win from the exorcist. A cornucopia of ancient and modern treatments, but will they work over time?

Tonight she meets Russia’s world No. 28 Liudmila Samsonova, who if she had kept her Italian citizenship would have been allowed to play at Wimbledon this year instead of being suspended, where she reached the fourth round as a wildcard in 2021, just like Raducanu . She has an impressive serve and is content to stay on the baseline to wear down her opponents with powerful groundstrokes. Normally Raducanu would try to maneuver her from side to side before unrolling one of those…um…red-hot backhand winners, but we just don’t know if she’ll be physically capable of going deep in points, plays and sentences to go.

Still, she says she finds solace in enduring yesterday’s ordeal with her sore hand in the sweltering heat. “It was quite a monumental effort for me to really get through that,” Raducanu said on Thursday.

“There were a lot of moments in both sets where you want to take the easy option of ending the point early but yeah I’m just really pleased and proud of how I dug in when it really mattered.

“It was three hours on the court and I warmed up for about an hour this morning. It just gives you a lot of confidence when you get through a match like that.”

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