Next’s first-ever fake tan range includes mousses, oils and more to achieve the perfect sun-kissed glow

Next’s first-ever fake tan range includes mousses, oils and more to achieve the perfect sun-kissed glow

It includes tanning products, applicators and even self-tanning eraser spray to fix mishaps (The Independent)

It includes tanning products, applicators and even self-tanning eraser spray to fix mishaps (The Independent)

Depending on who you ask, a fake tan is one of the most important summer essentials alongside sunscreen, aftersun, hats and sunglasses. And with benefits like glowing skin, improved muscle definition, scar blurring, and boosted confidence—all without the risk of UV exposure—it’s easy to see why.

There’s a huge number of brands out there, from St Tropez and St Moritz to Bondi Sands and Isle of Paradise – the latter being Ryan Gosling’s tan of choice, we’ll let you know. But while all of these brands have nice-sounding names for much sunnier climes, it can often be overwhelming knowing which to choose.

Unless you’re an avid self-tanner – in which case you’re probably as loyal to a brand as a football fan is to their team – you might be looking for the perfect product to start your tanning journey. And we think we found it in a pretty unlikely place.

Despite offering a range of established tanning brands including Hawaiian Tropic, Sienna X and Garnier, high-street giant Next has just entered the self-tanning ring. Called NX Glow, it offers a range of products including a gradual tanning lotion, tanning mousse, shimmering body oil and all the extras you need to make your tan last longer and look natural.

So, in true IndyBest fashion, we put it to the test to see how this newcomer really compares to our old favorites. Read on below to find out which products are definitely strong contenders.

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As we tested

At first glance, there seems to be quite a few products in the NX Glow range, but when you factor in the different shades, the list actually boils down to just two tanning products, three applicators, a body oil, a tan eraser, and an exfoliating mitt, body scrub and lotion. This ensures a fairly clear range that you can easily find your way around.

Our tester used each product according to the label directions, prepped the skin with the body scrub and exfoliating mitt, tested both shades of tan in each shade using the mitt, brush, and back applicator, and nourished the skin Moisturize with the body lotion at intervals throughout the process. The remover was used to get rid of any flaws – even the best of us can get stuck in the tricky spots – and the shimmering oil gave that extra oomph when you hit the town.

Ease of use, colour, scent and result were all considered and some products certainly performed better than others. For reference, our tester is very fair skinned, of English/Irish descent, and has been a regular self-tanner for about ten years, so he’s definitely had a lot of tanning tests under his belt. How the NX Glow range evolved…

NX Glow self-tanning mousse extra dark

Valuation: 9/10

Available in Light/Medium (£14,, Dark (£14, and Extra Dark shades, our tester jumped to the lightest shade first. When it comes to self tan, we always recommend choosing a lighter shade first – especially if this is your first time using it – and then building up as desired. Remember, the goal is to look radiant after the holiday, not look like someone else.

The first thing to note is the scent as it’s easily one of the best of any tan we’ve come across with an apricot-like aroma. Secondly, although it is a mousse, the product does not need to be shaken to make it lather, it comes out easily every time. And third, it’s incredibly silky, which means it feels quite luxurious to apply with the glove, and the guide color shows exactly which areas have been covered to avoid missing spots. The result was a streak-free, natural-looking color for all shades after eight hours of overnight exposure, which lasted about a week.

The light/medium and dark tones weren’t quite dark enough for our tester. Though they took away the Edward Cullen-like sheen, there was more to a day in the garden than two weeks in the Caribbean. Because of this, Extra Dark ended up being our testers’ favorite choice, a surprising result as they hadn’t gone beyond a dark shade on any other tan. So keep in mind that it’s on the lighter side.

Buy now £14.00,

NX Glow Coconut Body Scrub

Valuation: 7.5/10

To achieve the perfect tan, preparation is key. Always exfoliate a day or two before use to ensure dead skin has been removed so you aren’t left with a patchy fade or telltale cracked, desert-like skin.

With a coconut and coffee-like scent, this is another product that had us sniffing in the shower like a pig truffle-hunting. Massaged into wet skin, quartz powder and perlite acted gently while jojoba seed oil added a nourishing layer. It’s on the stickier, soapy side and definitely needs a thorough rinse afterwards, and while it’s done a great job on larger areas like the stomach, legs and chest, we’ve used a rougher exfoliating mitt for drier areas like the feet and Elbow.

Buy now £8.00,

Next sheet protector for self tanners

Valuation: 10/10

We’ve extensively tested TikTok’s famous sheet protector for self-tanners, but as part of their tanning range we just had to give it another try – and again we loved it. It’s easy to slip on and has saved our crisp white sheets and pillows this month of tan testing, and it sure will for many months (if not years) to come.

To reiterate our mid-tester, we too believe the tan evolved into a deeper color, likely thanks to the fact that it stayed on our bodies rather than the sheets. And of course it can be used with any tanning product, not just the NX Glow range.

Read the full self tan sheet protector review.

Buy Now £20.00,

NX Glow Coconut Body Butter

Valuation: 8.5/10

Keeping your skin moisturized in the days after self-tanning can add a few days to its longevity. Incredibly thick, this body butter feels like a nighttime indulgence thanks to its scent, creamy texture and moisturizing benefits. Coconut oil and shea butter provide nourishment and hydration, while the scent resembles the body scrub, imparting a coconut frappuccino-esque scent that we found quite sensuous. Just note that since it’s so thick, it takes about five minutes to fully absorb. So be sure to wait before attempting to pull the jeans down over damp thighs.

If you’re looking for a quick and easy purchase for your entire tanning routine, NX Glow’s ultimate tanning kit includes this body butter, body scrub, tanning mitt and tanning mouse, all saving you money compared to buying them individually (£26, ).

Buy now £3.00,

NX Glow tinted shimmering body oil

Valuation: 9/10

Shades: Three

Available in bronze, rose gold and champagne gold (our favourite) shades, this glow body oil adds a little extra boost to the glow that’s perfect for date nights, summer evenings or as a little pick-me-up for grey-skinned days. Like a body highlighter, small glittery dots are massaged into the legs, arms and décolleté for a more radiant finish, but in a very subtle way – you won’t look like a gimmick, I promise.

Again, it’s incredibly airy with a sweet scent that could also be used in place of perfume for those getting extra close. Coconut oil and vitamin E moisturize and nourish the skin, which means it’s not just about the aesthetics. And interestingly, this is the only product in the range that comes in a glass bottle instead of plastic, which also makes it feel incredibly luxurious on the bathroom shelf.

Buy now £12.00,

NX Glow self-tanning eraser spray

Valuation: 6/10

Even experienced tanners make mistakes from time to time, whether they forget to put cream on their knees, elbows and feet beforehand or don’t wash their hands afterwards – so a good tanning eraser is always ready to hand in the closet. This works wonders for small, weak errors. Simply spray onto dry skin at least three days after tanning, wait about five minutes and rinse off.

For bigger mistakes, you’ll need to get out the scrub mitt because while this helps a little, it’s not powerful enough to get rid of big mistakes. Glycolic acid and lactic acid act as key ingredients to slough off dead skin, while coconut oil, vitamin E and aloe leaf juice nourish at the same time. Although it feels gentle when applied, it’s always best to do a small patch test beforehand to check for any possible reactions, just in case.

Buy Now £10.00,

NX Glow body brush

Valuation: 9/10

To reduce the risk of orange fingers or bright white toes, using a body brush is a great little trick to ensure even coverage of those tricky spots. This long and narrow NX Glow brush covers hands and feet in seconds and is even angled to reach smaller cervical areas. The bristles are incredibly soft, so we’ve used them on our face a few times too, making sure to wash the brush thoroughly with soapy water between uses. You can even use it to apply the body oil to your legs, arms, and chest.

Buy now £6.00,

The verdict: NX Glow fake tan range

Next’s first line of fake tans definitely piqued the interest of our testers, it’s not every day that a giant retailer breaks new ground. But since artificial tanning is a booming business, it’s easy to see why Next would want a piece of the pie.

Overall, the range delivers an even, sun-kissed shine that will leave you in the holiday spirit, all at an affordable price. Personally, we think the NX Glow Self-Tanning Mousse is a great first tan for beginners – it’s easy to apply, streak-free and has a soft color that won’t highlight blemishes. For more experienced bronzers after a deeper tan, don’t be afraid to jump into extra dark shades — it feels like a daunting step, but it’s nowhere near as dark as you might first think.

And we’ll also be adding NX Glow tinted shimmer oil, coconut body butter and body brush to our bathroom cabinets. So let’s take off our sun hats for this one next and show us all that it’s never too late to try something new.

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