Dozens were rescued from devastating floods by the Kentucky National Guard

Dozens were rescued from devastating floods by the Kentucky National Guard

Dozens of people were rescued from their homes on July 28-29 amid deadly flooding in parts of eastern Kentucky, Kentucky National Guard footage shows.

Andy Beshear, Governor of Kentucky said At least 35 people were confirmed dead Monday after historic flooding in eastern Kentucky. Beshear said the severe weather conditions were expected to continue as emergency responders searched for more missing people.

Footage from the Kentucky National Guard shows a helicopter lifting people from their flooded rooftops. Entire families are being rescued and taken to Wendell H Ford Regional Airport near Hazard. Photo credit: Kentucky National Guard via Storyful

video transcript

Only a little. 10 feet below. come straight up


Chapter 4 [INAUDIBLE] 75 on fox.


Airplane AD0 on Victor.

F415. State police, do you want us to send some people back to Hazzard for you?

30. 20. 10 feet under.



bring her in


[INAUDIBLE] pretty good ahead. I have them at 40 feet.

[INAUDIBLE] Right turn. you are out there

Many Thanks.

20 feet down. [INAUDIBLE] under control. lift it up 20. 10 feet. With the four. Bring her in.


50 feet down.


And I want to start a slow ascent.

Slow climb.

Don’t go forward. OK. She’s 20 feet down. 10 foot. 3 feet from the 4th

3 feet.

hello smo Be careful. The guy has a broken shoulder. just be gentle

Do you understand that, Smo?

Yes. I understand it. [INAUDIBLE]. Inside. don’t worry about him

Good. Hit the ground.

bring him in.


80 feet down. 60 feet.



I don’t want to fly off and hurt that old lady in the basket.


20 feet down.

I’m coming up sir.


10 feet below.


I got you.


Did you hear Wally’s–

At the 4th

I did.

We’re sorry.

So make sure you have your zips closed.

Two nines zero, 2 and 1/2, sort of a finale for 24, 4900.

And 672 has your sights set on you. We’ll be in front of you shortly.

we got you sir


Roger, 675–

Come out and get help.


All. Everything close to Frankfurt. 1,800 above.

jesus dude If you lean, stop.

They have an extra boat crew in the south [INAUDIBLE].

Give a little fist bump.

Fist Bumping Action.

Good, [INAUDIBLE] ops, the roof is what, three miles west of the danger zone at this time. Prepare to copy.

[INAUDIBLE] damn connection.

We don’t need this rope, do we?

Roger that. I have three adults and I think at least two children in this next.

Looks like three.

And I got guys with four wheels to check and make sure nobody’s around.

Roger that. The plane arrives, what’s its call sign?


Call sign Cash11, and he’s up that stream with you.

Cash11 on 41-15.

yes we have you

All right, we’re ready. We have 11 places.

Brilliant. We have a guy with four wheels running up and down the street trying to see if there are any stragglers. Paramedic call sign on ground is JLo.

Roger that.

[INAUDIBLE] 10 seats in this helicopter.


One more?

I loaded the last person.

Oh, the last person is in.


Hi. Yes we’re fine.

[INAUDIBLE] the door.

Get ready to come up.

Yes, we have been in contact with them to relay the message from 097.

[INAUDIBLE] bring you closer


[INAUDIBLE] with that shirt over there.


Has he put on a shirt?

I can not say it.


Oh there he is. White – have a white shirt.




Yes, 377 Russell Branch Road, Clayhole City, Kentucky.


645, say again.

Yes, we are on the way [INAUDIBLE] he said [INAUDIBLE].

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