Dan Trachtenberg on age ratings and originality

Dan Trachtenberg on age ratings and originality

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Director Dan Trachtenberg says there was never a suggestion that his predator Movie prey should tone down his violence to get a PG-13 certificate.

That 10 Cloverfield Lane The filmmaker’s film goes back in time and sees a group of Comanche warriors, including Amber Midthunder’s heroine Naru, struggling to survive when a Predator arrives near their home.

It’s a visceral and gory action tale – and rated 16 on Disney+ – which sets it apart as something of an outlier in a Hollywood landscape that often prefers to dull the fringe of films in favor of a more acceptable age rating.

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“That predator Franchise is really known for being very R-rated, with one exception in one of the AvP movies,” Trachtenberg told Yahoo.

He added, “Its roots are in the language of slasher movies, so I really wanted to embrace what I think people enjoyed in the beginning predator movies.

Dan Trachtenberg joins the Predator franchise to direct the new prequel movie Prey.  (Getty/Disney)

Dan Trachtenberg enters predator Franchise to Direct New Prequel Movie prey. (Getty/Disney)

“I wanted to bring in a few more elements, but I think we had to embrace the brutality. It’s certainly a key component of the franchise.”

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Trachtenberg develops a reputation for unconventional twists on franchise material after reinventing it cloverfield before and now a predator Film unlike any previous entry in the series.

The 41-year-old said this trend in his career was “not intentional” but reflects the dominance of franchised material in today’s film industry.

Trachtenberg said, “Certainly it has become the norm to do franchise films. Most of the films we make today – not all, but most – revolve around an IP, so I think it’s smart to use that as a platform to tell an original story.

Amber Midthunder leads the cast of Prey as a Comanche warrior taking on a Predator.  (20th Century Studios/Disney)

Amber Midthunder leads the cast of prey as a Comanche warrior taking on a Predator. (20th Century Studios/Disney)

“I’m certainly far from the only person doing this. I think the Marvel movies have become sort of a platform for every genre. I don’t think they’re all just superhero movies.

“This is where we get our political thrillers and our adventure films and our science fiction. We get all genres on a very unique platform. I tried to look at this [Prey] even so.”

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Though Trachtenberg was fed into an established franchise with name recognition, Trachtenberg said his more enigmatic title came from the original pitch he sent to 20th Century Studios while they were still shooting Shane Black’s 2018 film The robber.

Trachtenberg said, “I thought that the only chance this film has of getting into production as soon as possible – which is always of interest to a director – is to say that whatever you do with it predator franchise, you can make this film too – sort of like Villain One and solo came out next to the main [Star Wars] Trilogy.

Dakota Beavers and Amber Midthunder play Comanche warriors in Prey.  (20th Century Studios)

Dakota Beavers and Amber Midthunder play Comanche warriors in prey. (20th Century Studios)

“I thought I’d better give them a title that reflects that notion. This title simply stuck because of course it works in a similar way to predator.

“It has the same double meaning, but also hints that this is its own thing as well.”

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prey includes a brief teaser for a sequel during the animated credits, and while Trachtenberg said there is “nothing notable” about a sequel, he acknowledged that he “would like to do more predator Definitely movies.”

Whatever happens next, its the first try with prey will be available to stream on Disney+ starting August 5th.

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