An uppercut for Ferrari!

An uppercut for Ferrari!

Hello dear Formula 1 fans,

the Hungarian Grand Prix has clearly shown that Ferrari is not suitable for the title!

Max Verstappen is on course to become champion for the second year in a row – and as I wrote at the start of the season, Mercedes will be tipping the scales. (DATA: The Drivers’ Championship of Formula 1)

After a catastrophic start to the season, the star knights have consistently expanded the car as far as possible. Largely thanks to outstanding durability, Russell and Hamilton were always there when the other two big teams had problems.

Mercedes is able to finish on the podium with both cars under its own steam.

Formula 1: Verstappen in his own league!

Since Verstappen is in a league of its own and Red Bull makes little or no strategic mistakes, victory from tenth on the grid is possible even on the overtaking-unfriendly circuit in Budapest. (NEWS: All current information about Formula 1)

Meanwhile, Ferrari is doing everything wrong that can be done wrong: On Friday, tires that are missing in the race will be burned out. They couldn’t cope with the cool temperatures on Sunday.

In addition, there are the driver errors, as recently by Leclerc in France. Mercedes, on the other hand, gets what can be got out and takes away important points from Ferrari in this way – which plays Red Bull and Verstappen into the cards.

Hungarian GP an uppercut for Ferrari

Budapest is an uppercut on the Reds with effect!

Binotto’s squad is mentally on the ground for sure. The summer break is long – long enough to let the self-doubt drill deep inside.

In Maranello there is nothing left of the initial splendor and glory. The only thing left for the rest of the season is working with the crowbar – which rarely goes well.

Things are nowhere near as turbulent in midfield as they were in the first half of the season. Alpine has made good progress with the upgrades, taking solid points with Alonso and Ocon in eighth and ninth.

Ricciardo at McLaren: It’s about Formula 1

McLaren has a long way to go in the fight for fourth place among the constructors. Lando Norris lived up to expectations with seventh place while Daniel Ricciardo continued to lag. (DATA: The team ranking of Formula 1)

His obligation increasingly turns out to be a misunderstanding and a mistake. The Australian just can’t get along with the car and constantly underperforms.

He still has a contract for 2023, but clinging to it will not make him happy. Neither does the team. (REPORT: Formula 1 end for Ricciardo?)

The only question is where would he find shelter: the top teams stick with their crews, the small teams can’t afford the Australian.

Smells like the end of his career in Formula 1 – sorry as I would be for him.

Vettel no longer has to pick up scratches

AlphaTauri seems to have somehow gotten stuck in the further development, and has recently been a very colorless accessory. The Alfa Romeo, who were strong at the start of the season with Valtteri Bottas as a constant supplier of points, have not had any points with either car for four races.

Haas, who was doing well at the beginning with Magnussen, has recently delivered too many roller coaster performances, so there is a lack of consistency.

At least Aston Martin sees light at the end of the tunnel. In the past two races, tenth places have earned one point each.

It will be a rather relaxed summer for Sebastian Vettel. He has let the air out of the discussions as far as the continuation of his own career is concerned. This saves him weeks of speculation about leaving or continuing, and he no longer has to constantly answer questions about this.

The fact that the team isn’t really getting out of hand certainly made his decision easier. As a four-time world champion, he no longer has to pick up scratches with a hopeless air pump in the middle of nowhere for years.

Formula 1: Races are more interesting and better

Before the summer break, it can be said that the new vehicle concept is taking hold. More attacks, better opportunities to overtake, following closely for a longer period of time – all this makes the races more interesting and better.

Many had hoped that the hierarchy could be turned upside down. That a little one takes off with an ingenious random grip.

That didn’t happen. Despite the budget cap, it is evident that those established at the top stay ahead.

Until the end of August there is now time to lick wounds, enjoy euphoria and joy, and to think about possible ways to increase.

It continues with a real classic on the Ardennes roller coaster from Spa.

Until then, stay healthy!

step into the metal,

Yours, Peter Kohl

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